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Thursday, January 20, 2022

A2 Sized Heartfelt Creation Cards

Welcome Back,

There has been some talk in the Heartfelt Creations Facebook group about mailing the beautiful floral cards that we all make and the cost of mailing them so I thought I would make a post sharing a couple A2 cards I have made and mailed to friends in regular A2 envelopes with little to no extra shipping cost.

This first card was made using the Cherry Blossom florals and Prills for the centers of the flowers. I just choose to use the smaller blossoms for my card. 

In this second example I made this card using the beautiful Lush Lilac Collection along with the Leafy Accents Stamp, Die, & Mold to create a vine effect. 

In both of these examples the card measures the standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"  and was able to be mailed in a standard A2 envelope. 

This just goes to show that beauty doesn't always have to be big and bold!!! For those of you that do wonder about how I mail the large a lush floral cards. Heartfelt Creations does sell clear gift boxes and those can be mailed in bubble envelopes and mailed for about $3.50-$4 pretty safely. When you put in the time to create a masterpiece the recipient is well worth the postage :-)

Until next time, Hugs, Melanie

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