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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sharing Myself With You ~ Part 2

Hello Friends,

Thank you for stopping by today to get to know me a little better. I am doing a 3 part blog series all about sharing myself with all of you. If you missed "Part 1" You can find it HERE. Tonight I am answering the question... "Who are your favorite people to spend time with?"This question was an easy one....My Family!

Back in 2013 my husband and I made the choice to move to Atlanta to be closer to our mother's. This was a hard decision as it included leaving our two adult children behind. They were both in college and we did not want our choice to interfere with their education. So they both decided to share a 2 bedroom apartment so that they could afford to live on their own. I am very proud to say that they have done great. Our oldest child, Michael, is out of school now and is 26 years old. Nicholette, our middle child, is still attending school working for her nursing degree. She also works part time as a CNA at a local hospital. She turned 21 back in February. Below is a little bit more about each of them.

 Michael is not one who likes photos, but he did bless me with this one in 2013 before we moved. It was actually during the meal after my personal graduation from college. It was the best grad present I received. Michael is an Eagle Scout and still loves volunteering as often as possible. Michael and I have a close bond and I love him dearly.

Nicholette on the other hand is the "selfie queen". She has two particular sides of her...one is a school bookworm always studying and trying her best. The other side of her is pure DIVA. She is a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold and is going to make one amazing nurse.

Here is our youngest. These photos were taken on Zachary's 16th birthday back in September 2014. He is currently a junior in high school and will be graduating in 2016. He is focused on keeping his GPA as high as possible so he can attend college. His plan is to study engineering. In his downtime he spends most of his time online with his friends playing video games or watching and recording his own youtube videos.

This is just a fun collage sharing other photos of these amazing people. Randy's mother is pictured with Nicholette in the top left photo and my mom is hugging Randy in the top center photo. We have wonderful relationships with both of our mom's and do not regret our choice to move closer so we can spend more time with them

I will be back with the final installment in this series on Sunday. I will be sharing my creative side with all of you, including a few photos of my craft room. I hope to see you back here soon. I would be honored if you would be so kind as to "follow" my blog. Feel free to also leave a comment so I can get to know better as well. I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter Weekend.



  1. Great photos. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thank you for the little look into your family. I feel like I really know you even though we have never met. Happy Easter Melanie

    1. Awe Diane thank you so much. I love getting to know you as well! Happy Easter!

  3. I love getting a peek at your life, thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Your very welcome Nicole...check back on Sunday for the final installment. Happy Easter!

  4. I adored getting to know your family so much! They are all wonderful and so very happy! I'm glad you shared

  5. Fantastic. Loved your sharing. I think I know all of you a little now. Looking forward to tomorrows installment!