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Friday, October 24, 2014

THINK PINK in Honor of Those Fighting Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness is a topic that touches my heart dearly. A lot of you know that I sell AVON. Well My husband and I had a elderly lady who was a customer/friend of ours and even though her mother died from breast cancer she lived in fear of being tested. We visited her each month and she shared her fears with us. She even showed me her breasts and told me it was cancer eating her up. I tried to get her to go to the doctor but she said it was too far along. One thing I remember about Miss Jane was that she loved her football as well as her AVON. She used to purchase each breast cancer awareness product from our AVON brochure in memory of her mother. She was such a special lady. One month when we visited we brought her a breast cancer awareness teddy bear that I had purchased for her. It had a cute pink hooded sweat shirt on. Unfortunately Miss Jane did lose her battle on Easter Morning a couple months following that. She had fallen during the night and when a ambulance was called they realized what was happening they decided to take her to Hospice. We were told later that she refused to leave with them until she had her teddy bear. She held on to it for comfort as she was taken out by stretcher. She died before reaching Hospice. So In Memory of Miss Jane I am not only putting the Live & Love Crafts Blog candy photo on my side board but I am posting it really big on my main page in memory of Miss Jane. Please consider donating to the cause this month and every month and share your stories on your blog to reach out to others about this amazing cause.

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